Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chimol Jones

Heading east on 95th St out of Miami Shores, on my way to a thrift store, I saw a hand-printed sign reading 'Tortilla' and underneath, 'Fritanga'. Naturally, I viewed that sign as an embossed invitation with my name engraved in gold on it. So, clueless about the nature of this place, but already through the door in my mind, I hung a U-ey and dropped in. Turns out the owner, Annie (ah-nee), is from Nicaragua, and she's turning out a few nice, hot, dishes. I passed on the chicken legs, which were just being brought out from the kitchen, and went with the pork and potatoes. It was a great midday meal. The pork was fork-tender and tasty, and it was accompanied by white rice cooked al dente and fragrant with butter, some boiled lemony yucca, a thick and meaty portion of red kidney beans, and topped with chimol, which is a Nicaraguan condiment similar to a pickled pico de gallo. The warm tortilla Nicaraguense is a must---ask for it. A good find, stop here on your way home if you're looking for something a little different, and you see the sign.
(Don't know the name of the place-for now I'll just call it Annie's)
NW 95th St just east of NW 17th Ave, on the north side

Nicaraguan Lunch...$6.00

Oh, and the Mais Morou is just $3.50,
not $3.95. Hope the extra $.45
didn't deter anyone


  1. Thanks for the good word, Danny. I've been passing by this place for too long wondering about that 3.95 special. Having tried Chez le bebe, Chez Rosie, Chef Creole and that little ladies house on 48th st. where they give you the killer Griot out of the funky plywood kitchen around back, my tastes are a little bit refined in the haitian department.

    I'm glad you tried it and lived to tell the tale, I'll definitely stop there the next time I need some of that Sous Poi (or however you spell that french bean sauce stuff that's so good).

    Looking forward to more daily cocaine!!!

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