Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's Not Always Asses and Ears

While I'm all about the 'variety' cuts of cow, the unsung slow-cooked bits that go unmentioned in polite company, there is something to be said about the fine and dandy top cuts, the steaks, that don't need much preparation or imagination, just a smoking hot cast-iron skillet, one minute per side, and a knife. This cut is a Mishima Ranch Wagyu sirloin, $18/lb., easily the best steak I've ever eaten. And if you look at it this way-there's enough for two, at 18 ounces, or about $20, there is no faster dinner imaginable, and the pleasure lasts and lasts. In that sense, it's almost economical. This is not a dry-aged, complex, or tangy/minerally tasting steak, but a subtle expression of the essence of well-bred and well-fed cattle. Tell your friends you've eaten the best. Available at Norman Brothers, located between the Snapper Creek and Don Shula Expressways (pure Miami, baby).



One Minute per side-no more!

Crusted on the outside,
very rare on the inside

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