Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Pineapple Wants You! [See Link Below]

Pineapple Link...

Important reasons why you need to be at Saturday's Polynesian Pig Roast and Tiki Adventure at Hale Brody (Brody House)

1. Have you ever roasted a whole pig? Neither have I! Watch tensions mount as we try to flip over a 75-pound pig, without dropping it in our newly constructed BBQ pit!

2. Jesse Jackson performing live! All night! Strolling and twanging!

3. Artist Jose Pacheco ( ) will be installing a new work live during the fun. Try not to spill your 'Blue Hawaii' on it!

4. Casca Doce ( ) a new and exciting design studio on Biscayne Blvd. will be graciously providing some tropical decor

5. Raffle to include 3 $25 Gift Certificates to local artists' hot spot Lost & Found Saloon ( )

6. Bottles of rare Cognac and Calvados will be raffled! (Frapin Gift Set of Five Cognacs, Boulard 1981 and Founder's Reserve Calvados) courtesy Palm Bay Imports

7. Great cause...connecting communities through art. Artoconecto....plug in. See you there!

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