Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Danny Gets His Okra...

If you are not attending tomorrow's 'Taste of the Nation' ( ), then perhaps you might like to attend a $9.99 Indian buffet? Yes, I got my okra, but in the end, I realized something very important for what seems like the millionth time. But finally it seems to have sunk in. Eating out has become prohibitively expensive. Lunch for two at Garden of Eatin' with two drinks, over $30. Indian buffet for two plus two mango lassi's, over $30. I promise, starting next week, to compile a list of places to eat for $5 max. total, including tax/tip. I will also be publishing recipes and tips for cooking at home on the cheap. But good food, fun to cook, and tingly for the palate. I've had it with high prices, and honestly, I just can't afford it anymore. Even the Indian buffet, hell, even the damn taco truck, is starting to look like a luxury. Anyhoo, the stewed okra, everything really, was pretty good.
NB-If you have any cheapo suggestions, please send 'em south, as we used to say. (That means over here, to me, bubba.)

That's it on the left...Woo. Hoo.

Kebab Indian
514 NE 167th St
N. Miami, FL 33162
Closed Mondays