Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Watermelon Carpaccio?

Coming up with inexpensive yet different and tasty dinners can be a challenge-here's something quick and easy and perfect for a hot summer night. German bratwursts may sound heavy, but only because of the words 'German' and 'bratwurst'. They are actually fairly light, and don't need a lot of preparation-just sauté lightly until they brown a little. First caramelize some onions in a little oil, throwing in a little sugar and vinegar for the sweet-sour/browning effect. Add some seedless grapes, stir for a few minutes, then take some sauerkraut, let the excess brine drip off, and add it to the pan. You can substitute, or add, apple slices to the mixture. Slice your watermelon super-thin, place it on the plate with some fresh grapes, and the refreshing mix of lightly pungent 'choucroute' and the meaty sausages, along with the cold, fresh fruit, makes an easy, inexpensive, and satisfying din-din. Try a Riesling with this, or any off-dry white wine from Alsace.