Monday, October 06, 2008

MAP Magazine Hit The Streets...

Gotta check out the piece on Kris Wessel, and of course The Art of Hunger, both by yours truly. And the magazine looks very pretty this issue. I still believe, as I predicted back in January, that Red Light will end up being THE hottest place of 2008. I've watched Kris sweat and suffer with his place since January, and despite some minor missteps, he has handled the negative stuff with aplomb. And I think his customers appreciate all that he has gone through to get to where he is right now. It's a very compelling story, especially if you don't know, for example, that Kris was working in New Orleans kitchens as a young teenager.

In my column, I take a trip down the west coast...of Florida. Starting up in Appalachicola, winding through Cedar Key, and meandering down to that old pot smugglers hide-out, Everglades City. It's all about the food, and of course the people who make it easy for you to enjoy it.

I'd love to hear your comments...

Downloadable PDF

page 20-KW

page 47-TAOH

(By the way, the children's game to which I refer is 'Red Light, Green Light', one of Kris's early ideas for the name of his restaurant, Red Light.)