Tuesday, November 06, 2007

To Kiss a Taco...

Rosemary Chicken Taquitos

Rock Shrimp Etouffee Taquitos

After a long journey which kept us apart for many months, my longtime companion and I were finally reunited in the warm sunshine of Miami in Autumn. It rained for the first week, and there was a lot of drinking and delicious broiled giant prawn this, and crispy duck confit that, followed by long, dark nights of public intoxication and hangovers from hell. So this week we decided to try and save some money and maybe also spend less time eating and drinking in expensive and sometimes less than appreciative surroundings (those bastards). You know what I mean- sometimes it feels as though every tab, no matter how small it starts out, ends up costing way over $100. and/or the bartender/server/busboy/mens room attendant has a personal vendetta against you, the chef wants to poison you (accidentally, of course), the hostess rolls her eyes at your witty comments, and even the dude who gets your car is simply shocked by your tragic footwear choices. And you know you're an angel, a hip kid with a can-do attitude, so why are they acting that way (I paid $80 for those Cons)? Plus, there are three things I hate about going out and drinking and then (possibly) eating: overtipping, overtipping, and overtipping. Why did I tip that guy $50? I hate that motherfucker. Damn it! So my longtime companion and I decided to cook at home, from scratch, and, without recipes or cookbooks, feed each other some home-cooked meals that we were both really craving (along with several bottles of rose, which, again, remarkably, we were both really craving). All I can say is, I am lucky, and I am fulfilled. Everyone who knows me knows I am a taco glutton, and I already got the smoked duck tacos-well here come the leftover rosemary chicken taquitos, and the leftover rock shrimp taquitos. Seems simple to make? Not so fast. The Asian Cilantro sauce: the cilantro was steamed over water containing fried garlic and some other aromatics (I was drinking in the other room at the time, so I can't say for sure what was in it), and then the whole thing pureed in the food processor. Some caramelized onions, some queso blanco, and then wrapped in a flour tortilla and fried. Children, please try this at home. These are the taco's superior cousins, the taquitos, which take the humble, yet incredibly fulfilling taco, to a whole...'nother...level.

You read it right, Bubba....Shrimp Etouffee Taquitos, muchachos.