Friday, January 25, 2008

How Hot is It?

Normally hot sauce that wants to tell you it's hot has some screaming monkey with its hair on fire on the label. This no-frills label scares me, kind of like the plain white label on a bottle of moonshined mescal that just says 'Mescal'. Come to think of it, hot sauce and mescal go together pretty well. Maybe not for breakfast; or maybe especially for breakfast. Staggering shirtless down the 5 AM street in Mazatlan's dusty outskirts, bottle of mescal held with two fingers sweaty and dirty, arm of a plump teenager wrapped tightly around my waist for balance, bottle of habanero pepper sauce stuck in the top of my ripped and bloodied jeans (her brother)...

Anyhoo, if you're coming to the Upper East Side Green Market, try some of this sauce in a Virgin Dewey, Chef Dewey LoSasso's take on the Bloody (Virgin) Mary. You'll have to bring your own booze.

Wait, Virgin Dewey? God, I hope not.