Thursday, January 31, 2008

Miami Shores Mullet

Like Chef Dewey LoSasso at North One10 has his Miami Shores Mangoes, this guy likes to keep it local with Miami Shores Mullet. Andy, from Puerto Rico, by way of Brooklyn, and Miami Shores, catches some mullet off a bridge, a few hundred feet from where I live (below). I saw a couple of hundred in the school, and he just made a bad throw and hit a tree, and got only one (he can snag two dozen in one throw). They looked good enough to eat, and I wanted to take some home to grill, kind of like the passing bus driver. But Andy actually uses the mullet as bait to catch Bluefish and King Mackeral down at the beach. We left him, and the fish (they sense you're there and head out), alone, and he promised us some Bluefish. Doesn't get more local than that.