Monday, March 24, 2008

LL COOL J J (Ladies Love Cool Jesse Jackson)

Hawai'i Slide....

Somehow the 'Twin Peaks'-style weirdness works. Dressed in full costume as a trucker-hat-wearing, guitar-carrying General George Armstrong Custer (“but this time he wins”), Jesse Jackson, the singer-songwriter, sets up for his regular Tuesday night gig at Amendment XXI. At 10PM, there is no one in the place, it's quiet. It seems like nothing's going to happen here. But the place gradually fills, and by 11PM it is packed. There are visitors from New York, local dance and theater heroes, celebrity bar owners, and some Colombian girls who arrived early to try the new inexpensive menu.

Special Guest Hilary from New York

Octavio Campos, Chorographer, Dancer,

Creator of 'Bugchasers"

Music You Can Dance To...

Sound-Stylings of Jesse Jackson

Buffalo Brown Makes It Official...

Churchill's owner Dave Daniels, with

performer Yvonne, and artist Andrea Preston

Amendment XII owner Perrone, in a photo

style I like to call, 'blogger blurry'.

Lost & Found Saloon owner KB, chills with

the one and only 'ZERO', Natasha Tsakos...

Cigarette Break...

JJ is in very good form tonight, his Mick Taylor 'Can't You Hear Me Knockin'-style guitar noodling seems to get better every show, as does his cover-song picking. Tonight they include a bluesy, Basement Tapes-like version of Bob Dylan's Outlaw Blues, from 1965's Bringing It All Back Home, as much a tribute to Dylan and The Band, as to the White Stripes' stripped-down live version; and a solo encore of Paul Simon's somber American Tune, from 1973, which was achingly-rendered, and perhaps even brought a tear to the eye of more than one slightly-sodden audience-member (well, me).
There were a lot of pretty girls, cigarette-smoking, care-free dancing, old friends, and a general damn-good feeling. There was a vibe player. The sound was great, and the Reverend, as I like to call him, took advantage of the crowd's buoyant mood, and soared.
190 NE 46th St