Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Best Dinner (and breakfast) in Town...

Tobacco Road's Lobster Dinner. Every Tuesday-$10.99. http://www.miami.com/culinary-cage-match-lobster-article Here are your photos. Prepare to drool...

I also parlayed the leftovers (don't ask) into an amazing breakfast-lobster and corn omelet with warm tortilla and avocado. Of course the lobster meat is already cooked, so just gently warm it in some butter and cream. Do not overcook. In fact, if you can let the lobster meat come to room temperature first (covered, of course), that's even better. Then gently place the meat into already warmed butter and cream, and swirl it around while you're starting the omelet. Fold it in after a minute or so, along with some raw corn kernels, when the eggs start to bubble around the edges. Try to get lucky when you fold over the omelet. I didn't, but it really had no effect on the taste. Leave the lobster pieces big enough so you can feel the texture, and the crunch of the corn is also nice. Top with a quick grating of good cheese and a squirt of truffle oil if you have it. I like Bud with my lobster, although for the egg preparation I prefer Champagne. (This also works with crab; but use good crab meat, like backfin lump, if possible.)

Tobacco Road
626 S. Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33130


  1. Mmmmmmm food porn!

    (::spitting out my shredded wheat - ptooooie!::)

    Danny - that's HOT!


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