Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bistro 'B', Let's Call It...

It's another mom and pop operation near the Design District, in Buena Vista East, if you will, that replaces the old restaurant 'A', a solid neighborhood spot that, along with 190, and, ahem, Stop Miami, 'W' Wine Bistro, and of course Charcuterie, pioneered the NE 2nd Avenue corridor, or what I like to call, the new restaurant row, formerly known as 'desolation row'. Buena Vista Bistro is not glamorous or filling breathless entries in multiple food blogs, but it has an organic neighborhood feel, and if you know people who live here, or live here yourself, you will probably run into all of them during the course of a visit. The chef cooks simply, and the food is bright and unpretentious.
The pork rillette ($6) is similar to a rough pâté, lots of long-cooked shredded pork mixed with fat, and served in a small crock with cornichons and zingy mayo. Some crusty bread is all you need, and some wine, of course. The place is BYOB for now (and possibly forever), so bring in a decent bottle or two for your pleasure-no corkage, of course. The pace is leisurely, so enjoy it. The crab cakes ($8) were served along with a delicious small salad, and while not the best crab cakes I've ever had, were satisfying and tasty. The skin-on french fries were crispy, tasted like a good fry should, and were $2 (!). I sat outside, smoked a cigar, and watched the world, and the jitneys, go by. A true neighborhood joint.
Okay, maybe a little too much of my neighbors....
Buena Vista Bistro
4582 NE 2nd Ave,
Open 11am-midnight


  1. Sorry-I've listed the address-4582 NE 2nd Ave, Miami 305-456-5909; Open 11 a.m.-midnight

  2. Hey - teach 'em how to make a proper crabcake, and think of it, they could maybe become known for the best crab cake in Miami...

  3. Without lump backfin it ain't gonna happen my friend...

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