Friday, June 06, 2008

Spam & Corn Dogs Mini's...


I like my Spam and I like corn dogs, so this event I attended last week at the Science Museum was successful on so many layers. The Spam was DJ Le Spam and the Spam All-Stars, but the corn dogs, at least, were of the edible kind. This kind of event, which seems to have been pioneered here by the Miami Art Museum with Jam at MAM on the third Thursday of every month (where the great Suenalo seems to be the house band), is also going to be finding a home at MOCA this summer with a battle of the bands event (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery). But back to the Science Museum-the Spam All-Stars were swinging, and it was a great crowd with lots of booze. And some corn dog mini's. Adorable all the way around. And this being the Science Museum, everyone, of course, had to try the science experiments-like how fast can you twirl after several rum&cokes and not get queasy. Apparently pretty damn fast...

Event Organizer TonyLima

Wasn't sure what these were, until...


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