Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Have A Crush On A Girl Named Berkel...

The last time I saw one of these was at Bar Jamón, the teeny spot around the corner from Casa Mono, in NYC, both owned by Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich (James Beard Restaurateurs of the Year). Actually, it was not a new one, which costs upwards of $5K, but an antique. I can't remember whether it was Batali or Bastianich who was the collector of antique, hand-cranked meat slicers, but I do remember that one or two had set back the owners $20K+. This beautiful, lovely, mother of a machine, never heats up, so it has less of a chance of 'bruising' the meats, thus altering their delicate flavor balance (but of course you already knew that). Will comment on the actual food at Fratelli Lyon after I stop salivating about this machine. It is, of course, silent, and all you have to do to cut paper-thin slices is place the meat on the plate and crank. Here's some of the results-speck, mortadella, prosciutto....

That's luscious, isn't it? And from what has been called, "The Ferrari of slicers." Only I'd rather have an antique Berkel hand-cranked slicer in my kitchen than a Ferrari in my driveway. Seriously.'s certified green-no voltage necessary....If they ever put chairs in front of the counter where this dreamboat lounges, I will sip cheap rosé and stare at her all night long. Did I mention she's a quiet young thing? I shall call her Berky.
Fratelli Lyon
4141 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami FL 33134

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