Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bro's(ia) before Ho's

Hey thought I'd do one of those cutesy Daily Candy/Urban Daddy/Thrillist headlines that make you wonder what they're writing about so you open the email? So did it work? I guess so. Thank you DC/UD/T! Had a bite at Brosia and the afternoon on the plaza there is fine-decent music, coupla decent appetizers (mezze platter was the best-$15) and 2 bottles of Echelon, a French Pinot Noir at $34/bottle (full name-Echelon Pinot Noir Vin de Pays de I'Ile de Beaute 2006). Not a great bargain, as it's about $13 at Total Wines; but the service was good and the weather was nice. Also had the fries which are crispy, and the BBQ chicken empanadas at 2 for $8-super tasty and a nice crunchy dough. Carb-loading also with the extra bread for $1.50. You know if they're gonna give you some spreads and cheeses that can only be eaten on some bread, they should probably give you more than three dinky slices with the platter. But like I said, I was carb-loading.