Sunday, February 17, 2008

BBQ Contest-Winning Secrets Revealed.....and Fat Man's Tenderoni...

Part III, where Ben, of Fat Man's BBQ, reveals how he baffles the judges, and wins the contests. And what exactly is Tenderoni? Ben lays it out in the first ten second, so I suggest you loosen your ears...

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  1. I just read your movable feast story on Great stuff. There is a Rib Guy #3 behind the Publix on Biscayne and 46th. He is there all day Saturday and Sunday. The guy's name is James, and like the others, he claims his stuff is the best. I've been eating his ribs for about a year and highly recommend them. I'll try the other two for comparison purposes.

    Also, have you ever gone to Lucy's on 119th street and 22nd Avenue? I drive by it all the time but have never stopped.