Thursday, February 21, 2008

South Beach W$F Clusterfuck Alternative for Locals......

Just returned from Zeke's on Lincoln Road, where all beers are $3. That's not a misprint. Purple Haze. Pilsner Urquell, UFO...And on the way home stopped at what has to be the ultimate neighborhood spot, Boteco, on NE 79th St. Octopus salad, skewers of shrimp, beef, and sausage, picanha (filet) with fried yucca, the good steak with all the fat attached for your greasy pleasure. The staff so inviting and...Brazilian. Live music, and $5 Caipirinhas. Coming soon-chopp-the Brazilian way of enjoying draft beer , pronounced shoppe. Miles and miles away from the hype of south beach, especially this weekend. You won't be disappointed. See you at the bar.

Celebrities Damien B. and Natasha Tsakos AKA ZERO