Wednesday, February 06, 2008

BOM BAGAY!!!!!!!!

Bom Bagay is a Haitian greeting that literally means 'Nice People'. When I saw the signs pop up for this new restaurant on NW 62nd St., just west of N. Miami Ave., I had a feeling it was going to be a friendly place. And when I saw the 'Taxi Driver Special' ($3.99) listed on the large, overhead menu, just under the large, oddly captivating still-life painting, it made this former cab driver want to really love this place even more. After all, cab drivers need to eat good, hearty, inexpensive food, and sometimes on the run. That's not always a prescription for good food. But I tried the foie, of course, and it was like an Italian liver in gravy (if that actually exists). I also sampled the goat stew, and the big pieces of meat were tender, but not cooked to a mush, and not greasy, either. The friendly girl behind the counter even let me take photos, which is often a no-no in Haitian circles. I was also intrigued by the sign over the outdoor counter area, which read 'Bom Bargay', with an extra 'r'. I don't know if this is intentional or not (the sign is actually over a 'bar'), but it definitely brought a smile to my face. There's parking out front, and sometimes they're grilling outside in the parking lot, and a DJ's blasting island music. It's a nice place to spend a little while, before getting back to thoughts of your day job. Get something to go.

Big, tender chunks of liver (left) and goat.
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