Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bourdain on Cocaine...

Wherein St. Anthony gets asked a question that isn't about his baby (three), or, "My favorite show took place in [blank]. Will you be going back?" (the rest). A radiant Bourdain, with an equally toned Michael Ruhlman at ringside (it looked like they had both gone to the spa at The Loews that afternoon, and gotten massages and facials together-apparently the drinking and smoking have been replaced by more lady-like pursuits) couldn't remember to whom they had given their own awards. Apparently this was hilarious to them, although the humor escaped me. Then Bourdain rambled about nothing for a few minutes, and opened the floor to questions. As my mind wandered after the second 'baby' question (AB was actually sporting something of a 'baby bump' himself, starting some foodie gossip), it occurred to me that Bourdain was using his bottle of beer for a prop (he never took more than a sip), and that he reminded me of an old Borscht-Belt comedian who has delivered his punch lines so many times, and so well, that audiences still laugh even though they've heard it a million times before. It's shtick, but, in person, it feels homey, almost familiar, somehow. And Bourdain seems oddly tame, and likable; and far less dirty than his PR people would have you believe. In fact, Dana Cowin, Editor of Food & Wine Mag, looking like a translucent pixie melting in the heat, and who introduced him, used more four-letter words than he did.
But back to Daily Cocaine. DC asked Bourdain, "With all the emphasis placed on seasonal, and especially local ingredients, how would you incorporate Miami's most well-known ingredient, cocaine, into your repertoire?" A sputtering Bourdain doesn't get the joke, and goes off on a mini-tirade. Then walks off, 15 minutes before his scheduled end time. Sorry, Tony. Next time I'll ask about the kid.