Friday, May 04, 2012

Courtney Love Talks to The New York Minute...

'And She's Not Even Pretty', Courtney Love's new gallery show at Fred Torres Collaborations in Chelsea, is a clever meditation on what it means to be alive and erupting with inspiration.  A violent, sad, and infinitely childlike celebration of fraught relationships and spiritual goblins.  She explains to The Minute why creating visual art is in a way more terrifying to her than making music.  
Check out The New York Minute.

Monday, April 30, 2012

(Wherein The New York Minute goes south for Spring Break…)
If Miami is the Street Art Mecca, then Primary Flight/Primary Projects is the Qaaba.  Primary Flight major domo Books IIII Bischof sounds off…  Preach Books, preach!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

'Keith Haring 1978-1982' at The Brooklyn Museum-Members Preview

Hello loyal Daily Cocaine reader!  Please venture forth with me to The New York Minute, my new project originating out of TNYM TV's Lower Manhattan Nerve Center. C'mon along, you are expected!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Noodle Up! The Noodle War Saga...

It's a shame I arrived in NYC too late to fight as a foot-soldier in the Forsyth Street Noodle Wars.  But that doesn't mean I can't do some research into exactly what those doomed fools were fighting over.  So while waiting for our hair to be done, me and my new friend strolled over to Kuai Le at 28 Forsyth St., followed by Xi'an Famous Foods just down the block.  This branch of Xi'an is takeout only, and although Kuai Le has some tables, the sound of toothless old men sucking shin bone like it was their long lost mother's teat, is simply, shall we say, off-putting.  Got it to go, and anyway, didn't want to mess up the hair.

Ooh baby you are going to flip when you see my wash, set, cut, perm,cap, foil, wax!
The battle, it appears, is between 'hand-pulled'-which is the traditional guy-in-the-window twirling fat strands of dough until they become smaller strands of edible size (although at Kuai Le they do their twirling in the kitchen); and 'hand-ripped', which is dough that is first flattened into strips, then slapped on the counter, and finally ripped into uneven lengths (see video below).  One is elegant, the other is rustic.  One slides into the mouth and down the throat, the other must be heartily chewed.  I'd like to say which is better (they are both great examples of simple, homemade food turned into something extraordinary), but at this point in the battle, I'd say it is time to, um, do more research.  I'll get back to you after my next hair appointment on the 'Corridor of Hair' on East Broadway, or as I like to call it, 頭髮走廊

Quart of soup with a fried egg on top from Kuai Le

CU: Fried Egg 

Hand-pulled noodles with baby bok, baby bok, baby bok

Meats, skins, tripes


Cute packaging from Xi'an Famous Foods

Vegetarian Style with baggie of secret sauce

Not tofu but wheat gluten


Sauce got all over the place.  Gigi's gonna be pissed!

Same Noodles with cumin lamb

...and in soup

Lots of hot oil

Noodles at rest

Chewy and Umame-ish

This is the hand-ripped from Xi'an.  So simple I think the little girl enjoying a lamb burger (more on that next time) could do it.  But I think she is still too young to suit up for this battle, even though she looks ready.  So for now, there seems to be a truce in the noodle wars.  If only for the sake of the children....

Kuai Le
28 Forsyth St

Xi'an Famous Foods
88 East Broadway (located on Forsyth St side of building)
Other Locations and Menu at