Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fruits and Roots-Asian Dessert Week Ends on a High Note

Mango soup with jellied fruits and roots

Mini jello shots (eat the whole thing)

Cupcakes-icing, fillings, cake
...pure sugar high...
...details Monday...
+++All Desserts purchased from the good people at Vinh An (except the cupcakes)
372 NE 167th St in Miami-and don't forget-October is
Improvement Hearing Month...


  1. Through a very convuluted string of blog sites, I found your address. I became a "foodie", of sorts, working my way up the chain into the fine dining world.

    Anyway, (its 3a here in Texas), I like what you write. I'll be back, a lot.

  2. you eat some crazy shit man. (thumbs up)

  3. I would totally try that stuff out. Heck, I survived a Filipino dessert called Halo-Halo and sorta kinda maybe liked it!

    I like your Blog, I'm adding it to my Blog list!