Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wong's ***

While having a friendly discussion about the worth of Zagat's guidebooks, I mentioned the oft-seen 'Zagat Rated' decal restaurants proudly stick on their front doors. It always reminds me of McDonald's boast that their meat is 'USDA Inspected'. But the framed, blown-up, newspaper review is one of my all-time favorites. Usually located in the vestibule outside the bathrooms or behind the cash register for easy viewing, they capture a reviewer's praise for all the restaurant's customers to appreciate. Or do they? Of course it's best if the headline is positive, although it can often be neutral ('New Spanish Restaurant Has Fresh Ideas', etc.).
According to the Hallandale Digest, *** (Three Stars) 'Wong's Long Time Excellence Creates a South Florida Legacy.' I know that Wong's has been around for a while; long enough, in fact, to be listed in the 'Directory of Fine Dining', an adjunct to Sandy Lesberg's 'One Hundred Great Restaurants of America', copyright 1981. The other Miami eateries listed are Cafe Chauveron, The Depot, Food Among the Flowers, Prince Hamlet, Raimundo, and the Tiger Teahouse. Pretty impressive company, and a hell of a legacy.
I guess it's a pretty good takeout with delivery, and it's convenient and open seven days a week.
And the review? It's dated January 16th, 1992, and that's a little scary. I pray something good has happened to Wong's in the intervening fifteen years.
12420 Biscayne Blvd.
N. Miami (305) 891-4313