Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Red Red Kroovy

Yes, I've seen 'Vampire' wine from 'Transylvania'-it's High-larious. 'Cause it's Halloween, and wine is red like blood. Get it? For you grownups, however, and to avoid excess hangover from lame red wine, please do not bring 'Vampire' wine to your Halloween party-don't worry, everyone else will. Here are two great inexpensive wines that will impress your friends, and still get you a buzz. They're so cheap, in fact, buy both. One is a Rhone wine, that's French, Zippy, and it's $9-oh, now I have your attention. Chateau De Nage. It's got that Syrah grape in it that all the kids love, and some other shit to fuck you up, namely 14.5% alcohol. For the Spano-philes, try the $11 ERCAVIO-it's 100% Tempranillo from Toledo, Spain, which, hey, do the people living in Toledo know that their name hasn't travelled very well? And does anybody in Ohio think of that Spanish Citadel? Scary. A kiss on the lips for the asking to anyone who knows that one. Boo.
(Purchase at Total Wines on Biscayne Blvd, Miami)