Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Guns BBQ...

'James' BBQ, behind the Publix at 4870 Biscayne Boulevard, is manned by one 'James'. A big dude with a big smile and a ready pair of over sized tongs, he flips the racks with gusto, and checks on the chickens ever so gingerly. When I ask him who has the top ribs in Miami, he says, "I don't know whose are the best. But I'm second best." And with The House of Bargains rib dude apparently gone for good, I'm needing someone to fill in the pantheon alongside pastor-turned-smoker Mark A. Gibson (46th St and NW 2nd Ave.), and the Fat Man (Take One Strip Club-333 NE 79th St.). His ribs are never boiled, just smoked until tender and juicy. He's there every weekend, starting around 10:30 AM, and his wife has been holding down a stall at the Upper Eastside Greenmarket for the last few weeks as well. Working out of a parking lot on a lonely strip of Federal highway has its drawbacks, but the Upper Eastsiders have taken warmly to James's smoked stuff. "You've got to expand your base," he sagely remarks. Delicious stuff. Definitely top-fiver. See below for instructions on 'presentation'.


  1. Thank you for leading us to the smoked promised land!

  2. James wasn't there yesterday for some reason. I had a major hankering.

  3. It's not Federal Highway if it's in Miami. That's Broward.

  4. S.O.-He told me he was going to be more diligent...
    C.M.-There is a stretch of road between NE 36th St and Ne 55th called N. Federal Highway, that runs parallel to Biscayne Booulevard, just one block west...

  5. I love his stuff. I try to hit him at least once a weekend.

    My favorite BBQ in SFL.
    James, Tom Jenkins, Scrubys on State Road 84.

    I want to try the other two Miami mobile guys. I visited the guy at the church a couple weeks back and he was out of ribs.

  6. Brody, barbecue seems to follow you everywhere you go. I think it is a matter of fate. Alleluya

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