Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I [heart] Boteco

The Love Lives of Six Sweet Chickens...

Paired with creamy, cheesy, beef injected yucca...

Plus more beef and more [heart]...

The New Restaurant Row (NE 79th St) keeps expanding the neighborhood dining options as Boteco opens for lunch. All the classics-the fillet, the frango passarinho (fried chicken pieces, known as chicharron de pollo in the better Puerto Rican neighborhoods of the Lower East Side), the escondidinho (yucca mash, beef , and cheese), the espeto de carne (tender beef skewers), and, of course, my favorite, espeto de coracao: six chicken hearts all dressed in a row, will be available alongside the rest of the traditional Brazilian beef, chicken, and shrimp offerings. All of the menu items will be served with beans and rice, so that a lunch for two will be about the price of one dinner dish. If you missed it, Tuesday night is ladies night-free drinks. And Caipirinhas are only $5.50 evry night.

Starting tonight-'Aperitivo Italiano' every Wednesday night. Free Italian and Brazilian finger food (caprese, skewers, etc.) for happy hour (5-8PM). As Angelo says, “Eat a little, drink a little, then eat a little more.” Live MPB w/ Cezar Santana starts at 7PM. Time to start thinking about the weekend...

...Makes for one happy kitty...

916 NE 79th St
Skewers $2.50/ea
Escondidinho $8
Frango Passarinho $11
Great chicken and codfish fritters, and inexpensive steaks, too. For more... http://dailycocaine.blogspot.com/2008/02/south-beach-wf-clusterfuck-alternative.html

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