Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Last Jew in Miami...Part Two...

As an adjunct to 'The Last Jew in Miami', and since we're coming up on the Jewish holiday of Passover, I'd like to offer some photos of the good stuff.

Fresh made Challah (braided egg bread), chopped liver,

Jewish gnocchi, and homemade Gefilte Fish, all from

Kastner's Market on 41st St (#700), Miami Beach.

The Gefilte Fish was very sweet, and unusually,

(how shall I put this?), tasty.

11" Falafel Sandwich (yes, I carry a tape measure) on Laffa (thicker and bigger than a pita, no pocket) from Pita Hut Grill and Sushi bar on 41st St (#530). $8.99, on a pita it's $6.99. Filled with five or six freshly fried balls, hummus, salad, tahini, whatever else you want, it's big. Split it between two of us. The Kibbe, which is the egg-shaped thing, is seasoned ground meat encased in crunchy dough that is deeep-fried (2/$5). And the egg-roll looking thing is actually filled with bastirma, which is kind of like Turkish pastrami. Eat them both hot.

A lot of stuff going on there...


Too close...

(Items pictured here are not Kosher for Passover...)


  1. Hey, speaking of Jews, in Antigua, Guatemala, there is a place called Shalom. I don{t know how it could have gotten that name considering that it sells local artisanal goods, such as sandals, etc. Go figure.

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