Monday, April 14, 2008

Italian Man Makes a Pizza...

Throw around bullshit words like 'artisanal' all you want. When someone knows the craft of creating delicious, hand-crafted food, there are simply no words to describe it. Vito the cheese maker shows you how to craft a mini-pizza from home made, semolina flour 'spotta' dough, which means a dough that jumps up like a balloon, then deflates, creating something like a pita. "You make this dough?" I ask him. "Of course," he replies. "Well, my wife made it." He then cuts it in half, and fills it with thick slices of fresh tomato, and his creamy, 'artisanal' mozzarella. After adding some squirts of olive oil, it goes on the grill, where it gets crunchy, and the mozz gets gooey. Best thing you'll eat all week, for just $3. At the Upper Eastside Greenmarket (Biscayne and 65th St)-Saturdays, from 9AM-3PM.

And I hear that his cheeses, including the creamy burrata, will be featured at Fratelli Lyon in the Double D, when they open in May (yes, May). Also look for his amazing Whey Butter. It's way better than butter.

One for here, one to go. Melty...


  1. Was wit dos mini-tacos for $15? I know Ola's gotta make a living, but i'd need three orders just as an appetizer.

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