Saturday, February 09, 2008

Mayor, Commissioners, and Chefs Agree...Shop Local...

Judith's Sasaki Wasabi Spice, one of her hand-crafted creations

Valentina Tea-Black China Tea and Pink Sugar Hearts from World Flavour (They are scheduled to be at the Lincoln Road Market TODAY, Sunday, so stop by for a unique Valentine's Day gift...)

Crostata di Strawberry, Walnuts, and Apples ($3), from Vito, who also had fresh, creamy, burrata ($4), handmade on Friday

Hate to keep mentioning these claws-when I arrived at noon they were selling a little TOO fast...

Be Organic's Strawberry/Banana and Mango Organic Mousse...Homey codfish fritters (more like mini-pancakes), $3 for five. 'Be Organic' head chef, Chad, went organic just a year ago after he found out he had diabetes, then lost many excess pounds while gaining an enormous amount of energy. Here he dresses an organic lunch of baked avocado and blue cheese-topped pear, organic green salad, served with crackers ($5!)
Big Sweet Onion
Come in close for a whiff of hand-crafted 'Florida Fruits' Tea- an aromatic blend of hibiscus flowers with papaya, orange, apple, cornflowers, and rose petals

Judith Williams (right), discussing spices with my constant companion over $8/lb Stone Crab Claws

Still life with grapes, blogger, and Commissioner Sanchez

Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, Chef Sandra Stefani from Casa Toscana,
Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, and Miami Commissioner Joe Sanchez

Be Organic, baby

Pork sandwich, the two sweetest words in the English language

Tomatoes from Immokalee

If you have not stopped by the Upper East Side Green Market, you have missed some great food from the likes of the upcoming Yi-Ya on NE 79th Street, seving pan con lechon (roast pork sandwiches), plenty of locally grown produce, handmade mozzarella and burrata from Vito, and my new favorites, Judith the 'Etnnic Chic' Spice Lady (maybe you saw her on 'Check, Please' with Michelle Bernstein?), and World Flavours, from Pierre and Francois, an avalanche of hand-crafted spice mixes and teas. My favorite is the Valentina, which is Black Tea and pink sugar hearts, just in time for Valentine's Day. The Tchai mix will brew up the freshest Chai you can imagine, perfect for a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and there's a decent kick to it, as well.

Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, and City of Miami Commissioners Joe Sanchez and Marc Sarnoff made their commitment to the Green Market known, by shopping locally, with Commissioner Sanchez sipping from his can of Malta to keep cool. There's more, especially the Be Organic people, with baked pears topped with melted baby blue cheese, and the stuffed baked avocado, in addition to their organic strawberry/banana and mango mousses. Still haven't tried the escargot. But I promise next week...

Speaking of commitments, Chef Kris Wessel and family rode their bicycles to the Green Market, a big commitment on such a hot day. (He's still 2-3 weeks away from opening 'red light'.)

+++++Bonus+++++ Stone Crab Claws $8/lb.++++++++++++++